I have been making skincare products for myself since 1994. They were rudimentary and often times came from my kitchen cabinet. But they worked. And I knew they were not harmful to my body. In 2015 I stoped using commercial shampoo. I went “NO POO.” It didn’t work well for me. I didn’t damage my hair but it often times looked greasy and I had to keep it in a bun. I was determined to master it though. In 2017 I stopped using conventional toothpaste. Again in the beginning it did not go so well. I stained my teeth green with Neem Powder. Cocoanut oil brushing was a complete joke. Oil pulling was a waste of time. But I was determined. In a slump of frustration I jumped on an impulse and found Formula Botanica. I have learned so much form that education system. I know how to research wholesalers, research base ingredients, essential oil dermal limits, preservation 101.

I love to talk skincare.