What can I expect at my Rolfing® session?

Rolfing usually consists of  ten sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes and spaced 1-2 weeks apart. Under your Rolfing Practitioners skillful eye and touch each session builds on the results of the previous ones. The Ten-Series is designed to leave your body’s structure in a place of balance. Depending on how you use your body and the type of movement habits we discover during your sessions, you may find you need further work.

What happens after completion of the 10-Series?

Many clients finish a ten-series, get good results and feel they never need another session. Others view the ten-series as the beginning of a journey towards maintaining their bodies and their health, and come in for regular “tune ups” By the time you have completed your 10-series you will know how often you desire a tune-up because you will have a greater body-awareness and communication with your body.

Many clients feel the positive effects of Rolfing so deeply they use it instead of Massage and Chiropractics.

Other clients take a break for several months or even yearly before they request an advanced series of 1, 2, or 3 integrative advanced sessions.

“After completing the ten series it felt as though 15 to 20 years worth of aging was taken off of my body. I was once again able to enjoy many of the sports activities that I had been struggling with, and in many cases stopped participating in.”

— Roxanne, 56

You can expect your Rolfer to work with your body lying down, sitting, standing and sometimes moving. Nikki will incorporate four bodywork modalities: Rolfing®, Visceral Manipulation, Cranio Sacral and Rolf Movement. Nikki works with you not on you. Rolfers™ do not mash tissue, they facilitate deep and lasting change. You and the Rolfer™ work as a team to bring about the true freedom that comes from triggering your body’s innate elegance and self-repairing mechanisms. It’s truly a deeply transformational experience that is beyond imagination to experience.

“After receiving the ten series I was able to avoid surgery on my jaw. Orthodontists were preparing me to have surgery because my lower jaw was larger than my upper jaw. I am grateful my mom brought me to Nikki.”

— Filipe, 16


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