I’ve had enormous growth since having my back flare up.

A little back story on my back. I’ve never had problems with my back. A month ago after walk with Cali minor tightness turned into complete spasm in 12 hours. I could not bend over past 15*, I could not squat to pick something up off the ground. I had to walk very upright and slower than a snail in order to not seize up.

Going to a Rolfer to get it fixed was my first option. This is where I really began understanding Integration. The first Rolfer I went to made very little change in my issue. The benefit I received was that I could walk normally. I still couldn’t bend or squat. And two days later I couldn’t stay in one position more than 10 minutes at a time. And in that two days I could not walk normally any more. Okay so clearly that session didn’t work. But why? I’m not THAT messed up I can’t be fixed in one session. Maybe the problem was worse than I thought? My only hope for instant relief was Rolf Movement Integration. “Maybe I can spread this out so I can function.” “Then deal with finding another Rolfing Session later.” I spent four hours doing two movement integrative sessions on myself. They worked, they got me from a 10 on the pain scale to a 3-4. And I could stay in one position for lengths of time. Two more Rolfing sessions to get the distribution pattern out of me we’re a gift from the heavens.

Why can I fix myself with movement integration sessions? What is the difference between work that doesn’t integrate and work that does? What the heck is integration anyways? How many of my clients am I not integrating? Ahhh the questions were just as bad as the pain!! It’s interesting how we come to learn things in life.

Doing the 10 series is easy. You follow the recipe. Modify it to the individual. And wala, presto your client refers you to their friends. But what about post 10 sessions. The thing that Evelyn was planting into my system non verbally. It only has taken me 6 years to get. The back spasm and watching “of grace and gravity” a hundred times has let me to feel that I’ve really got a grip on integration now. It goes something like this.

An event occures. The body spreads that event throughout the entire system. That is what keeps you going. That is part of the healing process. When that pattern hits another pattern or the system cannot live with the way it’s distributed the event throughout the body, the body communicates the distress. Usually in a form of pain. The location of the pain is almost never the source or the place to work. To integrate one must find how the body has distributed that event. Find if it’s attached to other distributed events. From my understanding the only way to truly find the way back to neutral is to help the body relinquish those compensation patterns. The system can fully heal and repair.

The way I work has totally changed from this experience and my new found knowledge. I’m finely integrating my clients.